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5230 Mobile Phone

5230 Mobile Phone

Selling Price: Rs. 1,090.00

Product description

Now with GPS and maps, the touch screen 5230 has a clever contact bar, so your best mates are just a tap away. Music's sorted too - with playlists and a radio. Plus you can get email from up to 10 accounts. With thumbnails of up to 20 of your closest friends, it's easy to tap straight through to their latest calls, texts, Facebook updates and more. Love music? Just slot in a 16GB microSD card for up to 33 hours of solid tunes, or simply fire up the FM radio. Shooting photos and video is easy too - you can even edit your creations right there on the 5230. The  5230 is the perfect companion to your social life. It lets you check and update your favourite social network sites with a few taps.The 5230 even puts your top 20 friends in a special contact bar - just tap to see their latest calls, emails, Facebook updates and more. You'll stay entertained too. The music player is perfect for creating your own playlists. And if you add a 16GB microSD card, the 5230 gives you up to 33 hours of non-stop music. The camera also comes with a few surprises. As well as taking fun shots on the go, it's great for video clips. You can even do a spot of editing before sharing your best pics with friends. And with up to 18 days of standby time, even the battery is designed to help you make the most of your social life.

What's in the Box:
Phone and battery
Stereo Headset

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